Ohio County, KY Workforce


Businesses in Ohio County, KY are fueled by highly motivated and hard-at-work individuals who live here. The local workforce understands the technical and engineering skills needed by many of our local manufacturing companies. In addition, there is a high level of technical expertise coming out of the high school career pathways and local technical and community colleges. 

Ohio County employees are known for their high work ethic, as they are willing to rise early and stay late to get the task at hand completed with excellence.

With a median age of 40.7, the population is on a steady incline and the workforce pool has only grown over time. In addition, easy access to 2 major highways allow for an accessible commute to and from any and all neighboring counties.

Major Employers in Ohio County, KY

A few major employers include:

Workforce Resources

State and Local Resources are available for business development and workforce training. For example, the GO FAME program is an apprenticeship program providing advanced skills to the next generation of workers. At the state level, programs like the Kentucky Career Center are also supporting workforce training. 

OCEDA is participating in programs designed to train additional tech talent as well. For example, the Digital Works program provides comprehensive technology training and is free for some participants. 

Workforce Data

The most common jobs held by residents of Ohio County, KY are Production Occupations, Office & Administrative Support and Construction & Extraction Occupations. Compared to other counties, Ohio County has an unusually high number of residents working as Production Occupations, Farming, Fishing, & Forestry Occupations, and Installation, Maintenance, & Repair Occupations.